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We provide all services from yacht charter, cabin rentals, boat sales, boat manufacturing and technical service, 24 hours a day, and at all times offering this without compromising our quality of service, 

Ece Yachting this is our policy.


We take all our guests and our clients requests at the highest of levels, and meet everyone needs Insuring them and there happiness always coming first.


All of Turkish maritime devotes itself and all its facilities being available to the progression of its staff and our own industry. Local and foreign guests experience an international quality of standards, so that we can be known as a highly competitive company in our sector.


Our company has many contacts and ties in turkey as well as aboard, we are working in this way so our company serves in the highest level. On one hand in the development and practical training of seafarers constitutes an important step in the sector is contribute to the economy.


All our strength as a family business is the reason of our existence and, all of us believe in our relationship with each others mutual respect, love, and honesty this is how we have succeeded.


Our company within the entire organization is totally honest with our customers, and we believe building a good and honest relationship with you this has improved our quality of service.


We pride ourselves in the realistic way we treat our clients, rather than losing your trust we give you all the correct information and allow you to make your best choice, this insures you having the best service making us proud at all times.


Thanks to all of our management staff, boat crew, and technical support, who really are, our core of our strength. 

We can offer you excellent service and overcome all obstacles.



Ece Yachting



Ece Yachting & Sailing COMPANY

+90 252 614 00 14 (pbx) ( 7/24 )
Head Office : +90 252 614 40 20 | Fax : +90 252 612 74 17 | E-Mail : [email protected] | Mobile : +90 532 461 89 88

Marina Office Tel : +90 252 614 74 34 | E-Mail : [email protected] | Mobile : +90 532 704 30 60

Marina Office Tel : +90 252 614 72 57 | E-Mail : [email protected]



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